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It's your life. Own it.

Are experiences more important to you than things? Are you thinking of buying a home, starting a family, changing careers, retiring early?

By putting the planning focus on how you want to live your life, rather than how much money you can accumulate, Better Money Choices gives you an easier, better way to create your own personalized financial strategy. One that’s works for you. (Instead of some bank or investment firm.)

Your most valuable asset isn't money.
It's time. And how you choose to spend it.


Get happy.

When it comes to money, the advice you get is almost always the same. Spend less. Work harder. Save more.

The problem? While more money is generally better than less, the relentless pursuit of 'more' won't make you any happier - unless you have a clear understanding of what it is you're working towards. And to get there, you need to ask yourself one question: who and what makes you the happiest?


Money isn't everything,
as long as you have enough.


Forget the
Latte Factor.

Trying to eliminate wasteful spending won’t give you a richer life. Why not? Because you’ll likely revert to your old spending habits sooner or later. (Habits are called habits for a reason.)

Focusing on your big, life-defining financial choices – and the trade-offs you may need to make to achieve them – will reap far greater rewards than cutting back on little things like Caramel Lattes.

The price of anything is the
amount of life you exchange for it.


Life Happens.

Traditional financial planning looks at life as a straight-line proposition. But, the complex algorithms and spreadsheets used in traditional planning ignore one reality: life rarely follows a straight-line (and $#!@ Happens).

In real life, we all need to make trade-offs. For example, if you want more money you may have to work more – but the trade-off is that you’ll have less free time. Nobody can have it all. But you can have more of what really makes you happy by choosing to accept less of one thing to get more of another.


The goal isn't more money.
The goal is living life on your terms.


Time. Well spent.

In hindsight, when you look back on the big choices you've made in life, chances are you've made some you now regret and would change if you could.

By using smart technology that allows you to explore the financial implications of the big life choices you're considering, long before you need to commit to them, we give you the Benefit of Hindsight now, transforming it into foresight that you can use to make Better Money Choices today.

Money doesn't buy stuff, it buys choices.

And sound.

How safe is your stuff? Bank-level safe.
We encrypt all information to protect your
privacy and ensure your data is secure.


Money is what you want, when
you don't know how much you need.


A richer life.

Why have we all made bad financial choices at some point? Because we're human. And humans have a bad habit of letting emotions drive their decisions - especially financial ones. We also tend to make our choices in isolation.

We'll help you overcome the emotions that accompany big decisions, and allow you to explore your available choices in real time so you can see how they connect and collide. Gaining a credible 'second opinion' on whether your goals are achievable will help you make better choices. Choices that will allow you to enjoy life more and worry less.

You don't pay for something with money,
you pay with hours of your life.

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